RE Tax Collections

Where Do I Pay My Taxes?

To pay your first installment tax payments (due by Jan. 31, 2020):

·       In person, at clerk’s office during regular business hours, Monday – Wednesday 2 – 4 pm.

·         By mail. PO Box 88, Adell WI  53001. If you would like a receipt, you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

·         At National Exchange Bank & Trust, Adell. If you would like a receipt, you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

To pay your second installment tax payments (due July 31, 2020):

·         By mail to the county treasurer’s office. Address is printed on your tax bill. If you would like a receipt, you must enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

·         In person, at the county treasurer’s office.

Please do not send your second installment to the town clerk’s office. Any 2nd installment payments will be returned to the sender.


No refund is given, unless payment is over the full tax bill amount. Refunds will not be issued for amounts under $5.00.

2018 General Election

General Election

November 6, 2018

Who can Request an Absentee Ballot?

Any qualified elector (U.S. citizen, 18 years of age, who has resided in the district in which he or she intends to vote for at least 10 days) who registers to vote is eligible to request an absentee ballot.  Under Wisconsin law, voters do not need a reason or excuse, such as being out of town on Election Day, to vote absentee.  Any voter who prefers to vote by absentee ballot may request one.  You have several options for requesting an absentee ballot and casting your vote.

Absentee Voting

If you would like to vote absentee, there are a couple of ways to do so.

  1. My Vote Wisconsin.  To request a ballot be mailed to you, the easiest, and fastest, way is to visit My Vote Wisconsin.  Here you can register to vote, find your polling place, see what’s on your ballot, update your name or address, and request an absentee ballot.
  2. In-person.  To vote in-person at the clerk’s office, absentee voting hours are regular business hours (Monday – Wednesday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm).  If you apply for an absentee ballot in the clerk’s office you will vote your ballot immediately in the clerk’s office, seal your ballot in the proper envelope, and return it to the clerk.  No ballots may be taken out of the clerk’s office.  You will need to show your acceptable photo ID for voting when voting by in-person absentee ballot.  More information about acceptable photo IDs can be found at   The last day to vote in-person is Wednesday, October 31, 2018.
  3. Request an Absentee Ballot by Mail.  If you are a registered Wisconsin voter, you can download the Application For Absentee Ballot (EL-121).  Just complete the form and mail it to your municipal clerk’s office.   Your application must be received by the clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. Thursday, November 1, 2018  in order for an absentee ballot to be SENT to you.  You will also need to provide a copy of your acceptable photo ID with your request.  If you have not previously provided a copy of photo ID, a copy of your photo ID must accompany your first application by mail.  More information about photo ID can be found at

Disposing of Ashes

Effective August 1, 2018, the only acceptable way to dispose of ashes at the transfer station will be in a tied plastic bag, and each bag (must be manageable to lift into dumpsters by resident) will require two (2) $2.00 stickers.

Spring Events

Spring General Election – April 3, 2018  Don’t forget your photo ID!


2018 Proposed Budget Meeting

Notice is hereby given that on Wednesday November 8, 2017, at 7:00 pm at the Silver Creek Fire Department/Sherman Town Hall, a PUBLIC HEARING on the PROPOSED 2018 BUDGET for the Town of Sherman in Sheboygan County will be held. The proposed budget in detail is available for inspection at the town clerk’s office from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Monday through Wednesday, and can also be viewed here.

Autumn in Sherman 2017

  • The Town of Sherman 2018 Budget should be finalized in November.  Before adoption, the draft will be on the website or at the clerk’s office for viewing.
  • Tax bills will be sent out mid-December.  First installment payments are to be paid locally – either by mail, in person at the clerk’s office, or at National Exchange Bank and Trust in Adell.  See the FAQ page for more details.
  • Road construction on STH 144 continues……
  • November 4 2017 is the Silver Creek Fire Department’s 16th Annual Steak Fry – a MUST attend!!

Abbott Drive Reconstruction Project Update

From the project manager on 7/31/17:
As of today, all the pulverizing and milling work has been completed along with the replacement of the new culverts (within the Town of Scott). In the coming week, Northeast Asphalt will be completing the undercutting work and fine grading. Paving is currently scheduled for the week of August 7th, which is anticipated to take seven working days.

Construction Season is Here!

Abbott Drive and State Highway 144 are both slatted for reconstruction this summer.  Both projects will be starting in July, but check back here periodically for updates.  Please be courteous and mindful of the workers, obey all traffic signs, and always use marked detours.  Your safety is number one to us!!

Spring in Sherman!

Many important happenings this wonderful time of year!  Be sure to check out the calendar for election, transfer station hours, and important meeting dates.